Found a major error with authentication from PSA DNA company Re: Fedor auto

Occasionally I’ll check eBay and see what’s popped up. I used to collect gloves and trade, and still have a good collection.

I just came across this. The Blue Strikeforce caught my eye and then I see it’s a Fedor auto. I clicked on the photo and immediately noticed it is not Fedors autograph. I’ve met Fedor at a Bellator and he has a unique autograph I recognize.

So I search the PSA DNA authentication number and sure enough it says it’s legit, autographed by Fedor Emelianenko.

I recognize the autograph, it’s from “Smooth” Benson Henderson.

I have never seen an error like this from PSA. They are supposed to be the most trusted authentication service. Hopefully someone doesn’t get screwed.


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Ben Henderson

Yeah that’s clearly not Fedor’s auto

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Light up their Twitter

Makes me lose faith in these services.

I have a lot of mma memorabilia, mainly fight gear, gloves from various orgs. I have some autos but they are all from in person. If I ever decide to sell some of my stuff I thought about getting it authenticated but not anymore

They fat finger a number?


Yeah they better have a good explanation for that shit show, unless someone photoshopped the numbers just for a scam. I’ve seen that shit happen with comic books and trading cards and that post screams shady lol


I’ve seen an error from JSA in the past, I can’t remember what it was, something like a Matt Hughes item but it came back to a football player. Lol. But yeah I thought Beckett and PSA were reliable. The seller doesn’t know it’s not Fedor since it’s in the title. might not be a fan of the sport or an estate buyer.

Looks like the seller changed the cert pic in ebay

I searched the tamper proof sticker number on the glove

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Edit. Gotcha


That’s about the only way to know an autograph is authentic is if it’s signed in person, so that’s awesome for your collection. However, you’re totally right in being wary of their authentication process. I’ve seem them deem signatures fake, that are actually 100% authentic and signatures that have been forged have passed their authentication lol. PSA, JSA and Beckett have all had their issues…

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Look at my second post. The photos

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It’s funny you say that because I have a good amount of NHL pucks signed. And I have pictures of me in Vegas with some of them, but I totally thought, what if they send it back and say they can’t confirm. I can see a lot of people getting stiffed. I have never looked up about the process of sending in proof or whatever they need, but I have heard people say “don’t bother unless you’re sending bulk”. I guess they like dealing with dealers and it’s a lot cheaper in bulk.

I noticed in the description it says “autograph obtained in person”. how bizarre

Does this concern anyone else or is this common for one-off mistakes like this?

Any experiences with authentication services?

PSA was involved in a trimming scandal a long time ago.


I guess it just depends I would never buy anything from PSA. But I only collect baseball cards. So literally everything I buy is a BGS 9.5 graded from Beckett. I’m not sure to what extent they grade MMA memorabilia.