Found a new forum.

I found a new kick ass basketball forum, It is mostly Rockets fans, but it has other basketball forums, other sports, and an Otherground like forum. This is because you have to pay a one time fee of $10 to view/post the forum, so there is only a small about of trolls.

If you are looking for a good forum check it out.

lol, who would pay $10 to read a bunch of posts by delusional Rockets fans? Only to get banned when pointing out the obvious.

IF anyone wants a good forum basketball wise, I recommend sites for Pacer or Jazz fans. The seem unusually knoweledgable.

Stay away from Laker or Mav boards.

The dr is correct. I'm always getting banned from those gay fanboy boards.

banned 2X!

lol @ paying any money

Fuck you elite $29.95 blue name assholes.

I've been on clutchfans for a few years now, and I think it's a great forum if you're a Rockets fan. I don't remember having to pay anything to join. I don't think there are enough posts in the general NBA section, so unless you're a Houston fan, it probably won't be that great a forum for you.

Cire = owner, deep in debt.

can anyone loan me $10?


I shall draw this BJ Penn character jamming spam into the eyeball of Matt Hughes.

I expect a blue name in return.

LMAO!!! I've gotta see that.