Found a warfighter's dog, car speeds off

Keep in mind this is in a rural area, then further isolated into a park with a canyon and river.

Point is, once nightfall arrives there is not people around, no houses etc.

As I pull up to a parking area for walk down into the canyon I notice a dog off leash, next to a large BMW with a university alumni tag.

A lady tells me it is not her dog, and that her husband who is in the car called the number on the dog's collar but no one answered.

The lady seemed concerned, but as equally concerned the dog tried to climb into their car and now she was trying to clean the car seat.

As I am looking at the dog's collar, tags etc, I notice the damn car speeding off, windows rolled up. In just a few seconds the lady hopped in the car, and with her husband acting as a get away driver.

So they dropped the dog off in a canyon and fled? That's cold. Phone Post 3.0

At this point I am the only person out in the area, this place is isolated.

I call the number on the collar, no luck. Text the number.

Then I call the veterinarian's office, provide the rabies tag #, the lady responds that she knows the dog and knows the owner. Lady at the vets office insists the owner loves this dog and takes great care of the dog.

She goes on to tell me the owner " was in the war and suffers from a lot of stress problems, the dog serves as almost a therapy dog."

She will call the dog's owner and give him my number.

Figuring that she would not be able to reach the owner since I was not able to and Murphy's Law I offered to bring the dog to the office.

Get the man his dog. Good on you Phone Post 3.0

I take a few minutes to let this dog and my dog check each other out, give it some water.

Murphy"s Law, I know this will not work out so smooth that the owner is going to show up, so I am preparing to put this dog in my truck with my dog.

15 minutes later I call the vet's office back :

" Oh well I tried to call him no answer"

At this point I tell the vet's office I am going to bring the dog to them since I live over 2 hours away, and they will close in an hour.

Lady tells me no room for the dog since it is a holiday weekend, and that the dog has been lost before so it is no big deal.

I tell the lady, the dog will die, there is nothing in this area.

Give me the owners address I will take the dog to the owner's house.

After a bit of back and forth and cutting through the vet's office BS, the lady on the other end of the phone finally gives in and tells me they will keep the dog until they can contact the owner.

UGCTT_REMEMBER MY NAME - Oh...good man. Could of totally left out the first part of the story. Vu.

Thanks, yea I screwed up the story a bit.

However, I wanted to point out these people speeding off once they had a way out. You would have had to see these people, and then to hear the lady complain about cleaning her car seat. Husband was all buttoned up in the car with windows rolled up, doors were probably locked ha ha.

And secondly the other lady answering the phone at the vet's office felt she had done all she needed to do once the owner did not answer his phone. Then at some point she tells me to just leave the dog that it will be ok.

UGCTT_REMEMBER MY NAME - Murphy's Law....I feel like this story could have been told in 1 post. Is it over? Murphy's law. Happy ending?

Cool dog, super nice, a bit overweight, probably would not last out in the wild for very long.

Crazy that someone at a vet's office would suggest just leaving it in the canyon.

But yes I drove the dog to the vet's office, and they were all very familiar with the dog.

^^^^^ Yea that was on my mind as well.

I called the owner's number on the collar several times, texted, and have heard nothing.

Thought about calling the office tomorrow to see if they got ahold of the guy.