Found a way to quote Point Break in psych paper

(I'm in an accelerated nursing program)
We have this Mental Health online class, which consists mainly of pointless papers.

The first one is to talk about ourselves. Specifically it asks "what are 3 things youre scared/apprhensive about concerning psych clinicals."

I came up with 2 sufficient answers.
Could NOT come up with a third. Because I'ma fucking OG'er, I aint scared of shit!!

So, I wrote this:

I have put a LOT of thought into this. And unfortunately, I can not come up with a third example of something I’m apprehensive about. I would rather be truthful since this a paper about myself than to simply make something up for the sake of attempting to answer a question. To be honest- I simply don’t get intimidated or feel apprehensive about things for the most part. Maybe it's due to my Military training, my experience as a Combat Medic and Firefighter- but Unless I find myself in a situation that presents imminent death, I truly don’t have fear. Please understand I’m not trying to sound macho. As stated, I’m trying to be honest. Maybe I could cite an example here: in the 1983 cinematic masterpiece Point Break, Bodhi (played by Patrick Swayze) advised Johnny Utah, the young soft-skinned FBI Agent fresh out of the academy (played by Keanu Reeves) that “Fear causes hesitation. And hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.”

Whatcha think, OG?

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Via con Dios

I think your fucked but I like it. Hopefully it goes your way. It aint easy being an OGer. 

Nice. Except Point Break came out in 91. 

Sounds like an A+ to me


Change 1983.....other than that, awesome reference

ToxMo -

Nice. Except Point Break came out in 91. 

Yeah fucking 83...come on failed that fucking paper

Pretty poorly written tbh

But then again you're going to school to be a nurse so fuck it, don't think you'll be needing to write too many essays on the job

Anyone who starts a sentence with 'And' deserves to get an automatic F.

Weak. Rewrite the whole opening but leave in the quote. 

To quote the 90's philosopher Bohdi "insert quote".  Then site the movie as your source

MarcusAurelioFan - Anyone who starts a sentence with 'And' deserves to get an automatic F.


I think it isn't what an academic wants to hear....prepare your anus.

Terrible grammar.

gtownhoya - You had me right up to the point where you said you wanted to be a nurse.

we got nurses making over $140k/yr with overtime, high demand field, ease of movement (ability to go overseas if you want), union, benefits, overtime, good pension, movement into associated areas of healthcare (values the nursing background moving into management e.g. site directors, etc.)... 

I am a CIA agent !

Ttt for GF2000 !

back in college, I made a bet that I could include the story from the back of an Admiral Nelson bottle, in a paper. I ended up taking a class called "The Atlantic WOrld" where I probably could have written the line in almost any paper...Easy $


"in days of yore when men were men and battles raged across the lands and glory swept the seas, there came upon the world's stage a great leader whose courage and classical good looks quickly became the stuff of tabloids and tavern talk and, you guessed it, Legend. Horatio Nelson was his name: adventurer, true friend of the ladies, Admiral of the greatest armada ever to set sail."