Found my new team's name!!!

SIDEMOUNT. Simple and understated yet reflecting the philosophy of what we believe in.


How does that reflect your philosophy?

Good luck in 2004 to you and your new team.

"How does that reflect your philosophy?"

Someone unfamiliar with the sport might equate said philosophy with sodomy.

Best of luck though.


thanks TimmyH!!! Our philosophy is that sidemount is the most dominant position in our sport ergo our name.

How about just using "Rear Naked"? It's a stronger position and consistent with your philosophy, but equally likely to raise eyebrows.

Mike -

Give me a call Bro. or shoot me an email. Happy New Year!

BTW: Like the name!

you got it Tim!

Are your fighters going to be called the SideMounties? You could ride horses down the aisle in Canadian Mountie uniforms.

How about 69, it too is a very powerful position.

IE. Coleman kneeing Igor Vov @ the Pride Grand Prix.

lol, nice A.B.


Now THAT would get some attention!! :)

Seriously, I've heard worse names. That one's not bad, although possibly a bit tactically revealing!

ttt 4 NOT using Fat Guys Fighting. Now I don't have to move.

Mike get me your e-mail. I have some questions for you.


how about.....


What up Mike...I like the name bro!!!! Have a good new year!!!


Good Luck with the new team!


What happened to the tough ones like Bulldog Fighting or Team Blood brothers?

I've heard crappier team names but I can't remember when.

please dont tell me it took you long to come up with that name.

Diesel-thanks! Happy new year bro, and congrats again on the Barretto victory! Yes it took me awhile. Thanks for your opinions both pro and con. This is what this forum is about. Demian-you have mail.