Nice t-shirt :)

how could any girl possibly resist a guy with a penis dagger on his chest...

that's hot!!!!!!! (the tip of the cock on the shirt)

Thanks EM, it won in a landslide: Vote 4 T-SHIRT I WEAR 2 K-1 (pics)

Nice Rule Dogg, now fess up!

Who is that by the way in the pic?

lol i cant believe you put on that t-shirt

Did Brock see you!?

RuleDogg you F'n ROCK!!!!!!when i first saw this thread,i thought some UG'r took a pic of a random fan[you] with a crazy Brock shirt and some Bimbo dumb enuff to have her pic taken w/it...then i clicked on your t-shirt @ still rock.......

Brittney loves MMA... cool chick

Did any of you see Gina C there, A Goddess man. I interviewed her and couldnt help but flirt with her.

Fess up about what Mace? She loves the sport and is definitely my dream she is with a few other fanboys:

Fitty bucks says BJ boned her.

Who is it?

Diego that's funny you mention Brock, I wanted to get a pic with him so after the show I looked for him outside the ring. That's when I ran into said dream girl and everything changed....

LOL @ Serra sweating like a pig.
Maybe girls make him uncomfortable :)

Brittney Skye, Mace

^ and I think we make a really cute couple!

Rule Dogg cheating on the cage camera girl already

lol, i was right there when u took that pic! i was sitting like 20 ft away. i remember laughing at the shirt and telling one of my friends to look at it.

Wow, smokin hot! the tshirt gets em wet!