Found out our families atty lost license

Months ago. We are in an estate lawsuit. Basically being sued because a family member didn't like what was in the will.
My family hired an attorney and a few months ago he said he was relocating to a new city about 120 miles away but assured everyone he was still going to stay on our case.
We haven't been able to get in contact with him for the past several weeks. The cell number he used to use is now his girlfriends phone and she tells us he's in a rehab somewhere and she hasn't heard from him in 3 weeks.
We received a letter from the clerks office yesterday stating that we failed to respond to a motion or to appear for court so we lost by default.
Today we go to a different attorney to see if there's anything he can do to help, which he does. He then informs us that our original attorney lost his license back in Feb.
Apparently we will be on a long list of complaints filed against him with the State Bar Association.
My question for anyone who may have ever been in a similar situation or to any OG Lawyers is would it even be worth pursuing a civil suit against him or will the Bar Association handle it?

Can't get blood from a stone. I guess if you could get an attorney to take the case on consignment you would have anything g to lose, but if you can't and all the lawyers you contact demand a retainer to take the case then I can't see how it would be worth it unless the guy is somehow sitting on a fortune.

No idea what kind of money he has. He comes from a very wealthy family. Most of us just want to move on with the estate thing and get it over with. From the sounds of it the original attorney is already in a world of shit.
It's some Better Call Saul shit.

First in line is the first one fed