Found Out What's Wrong With Truck

I had a thread awhile ago about my truck making noise and idling rough in reverse. Anyways I finally took it to the garage today and they told me it's my ujoint or joints.

We went for a ride and I showed him how it is rough in reverse and the noise from the back as I speed up and how loud it is on the highway. We switched spots and he puts it down a little harder then I usually do and you can really hear it whine. He says its your ujoint and it sounds pretty bad. I don't usually step on it that hard and so I hadn't heard it whine like that before. Anyways he said not to drive it to much or my "shaft" could get fucked or something. So I'm leaving it at the garage overnight and they are gonna look at it tomorrow.

Any ideas on how much a ujoint or joints if I need more then one like he said will cost me? I asked him and he said maybe about 80 bucks plus labour but since it sounds kind of rough he wasn't sure. I got a bad feeling it's gonna be pricey, we'll find out tomorrow.

100 bucks and I'm back in business. Kind of surprised it was so cheap but I'm not gonna complain.

Probably so but I'm not mechanically inclined and so I have to bite the bullet and take the truck to the garage. 100 bucks was less then I expected it to be.

I also have to buy a new tire, see my low profile tires are expensive thread, for my car. That's gonna cost me about 260 and I just blew a tire yesterday on my truck heading to work. So now I have to get a new tire for my truck too because it has a big hole in it. Been a shitty april for me in regards to my vehicles.

GRIMFW forgets labor pricing.

My labor rates are 99 dollars per hour.