Found some old books while antiquing(Pics inside)

So I went to an antique show and found these in a corner and thought they looked cool.

Pics to follow

this one is about the similarities between the catholic church and the pagans back in the 1800s

this one is basically an old almanac

this one is about the search for Amelia Earhart signed by the author

this one is the coolest.

Cool stuff.

this one had a letter to the owner from Rupert Hughes. The uncle of Howard Hughes

FETT_Loadin76_TFK -

this one is the coolest.


it was signed by Charles A. Sheldon. Father of Denali National Park.

In it were 3 post cards from 

Chauncey Edgar Finch - a book scholar

Paul Gilson - Belgium Composer 

Siegfried Wagner- German Composer and conductor 

The owner of the book was Arthur Elson was some music scholar that wrote a bunch of books about music