Found the covid age breakdown for my state

Was searching cause my kid’s elementary school is shut down cause of a few cases and potential contacts and I was friendly arguing with a friend that it’s insane kids are fine and he was saying no. So I found this and was shocked by deaths. Only 1 person since start of covid under 20? 6 people total under 40? Fucks sake


Why is the data not in descending or ascending order? For such a small table it’s infuriating.

But yes, it’s really not THAT deadly of a virus for most people.

It couldn’t kill Chris Christie


And the MSM did exactly that with many hospitals’ help. Pumped up numbers.

Let’s be real.

Maine doesn’t really count for anything. We should probably trade the entire state for 8 thick Canadian bitches from Vancouver and a couple barrels of Crown Royal, or whatever pussy ass spirit they drink up there.

Guaranteed that kid had ABSOLUTELY ZERO preexisting conditions… a beacon of good health if you will.