Found the criminal that stole my moms phone

I’d argue that would be for the court to decide.

Different jurisdictions can take different views, but ultimately unlawfully taking and carrying away the property of another person is viewed as a crime.

There is no “finders keepers” defense.

Jesus Christ settle down son. She didn’t murder anyone and the way you are talking to this guy makes me think something is up with you? She got her phone back but damn, do you talk to people like this is real life. Sad…

What a retarded thing to say. If you pick up a piece of electronics that isn’t yours and put it in your pocket, you stole it. You find a 4 leaf clover, you steal a phone. How long does a phone have to be left unattended before you think it’s lost? Smh. If you are serious with your statement please tell me you haven’t multiplied and don’t plan on it. You are the kind of person that lowers the quality of life for everyone.

What a piece of shit person

She would have no issues lying to fuck someone else over. She likely has adult children and grandkids

Imagine your grandma being this trashy?


My thoughts exactly. Her kids must be amazing.

Especially if @Tim_Duncan did offer a reward on the phone to the finder…

What a trashy mindset

Glad it worked out.

Good you went to the effort to find the phone as well.

Not sure if applies but there is also a Goshen, IN.

Funny the lady was willing to spin a tale that she picked up a guy for drinks and he had the phone. Damn many people have no shame.

That bitch deserved to be pepper sprayed in the face. You should have told her if this was Afghanistan you would have her hands cut off.

Anyone like her deserves a harsh punishment. Old lady was a piece of shit.

I have a soft spot for old people, so i get a little worked up at stories like this.

I also HATE people who take shit that’s not theirs.

it’s been a LONG few weeks so i’m a little on edge I guess…

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Call me old fashioned but I find it funny a lady, and a lady that age uses as her alibi that she picked up a man and went for drinks.

There was a time a women would rather admit to theft that picking up a man for drinks as an alibi.

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I have a soft spot for old people too.

She could have told me that she found the phone and made a mistake. She could have apologized and I’d probably would have given her the reward anyway.

Just because you are old doesn’t mean you have a pass to be a criminal

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^^^ I feel this post.

Owning mistakes is a forgotten virtue.

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Why do people make their lies so complicated? All she had to say was “I picked it up intending to try and return it by finding the owner. But since he found me, here you go.”

That’s all that need be said.

Yeah, I wouldn’t believe that either but it is more plausible.


She looks like the type that sits in front of a slot machine 30 hours a week



Great description !