Founders of MMA (vid I made)

Hey, I was bored. lol It's my first vid so I messed up a LOT. But at the very least, maybe you'll enjoy re-watching some old footage. :)


If you want to download and save the vid to your files:

To Download: Click Here

Thanks, EM! I have to edit it almost entirely though. I should've waited to post a final draft. :(

I thought it was pretty cool
Nothing like memory lane....think I'm going to have to break out my Choke dvd as a follow up!

Yeah that was pretty cool, nice job Kostakio. I'd recommend basically leaving this vid as is (just move the Gracie vs Gordeau fight to the end so that sequence is chronological) and if you have other ideas then make a new one :)

Thanks, guy! :) But I should have watched it first before posting. lol Some of the transitions were not subtle at all. Ghengis Con and Mick B are probably rollin' on the floor laughing right now. hahaha




good job

For your first one that was pretty good man. I might throw in some
Judo Gene as well if you can find it.

Good job, K! Very cool stroll down Memory Lane;)


Thanks, guys!

 ttt for the pioneers of MMA!