Four hoodrats get run over vid

Just saw this on liveleak. Can a blue help please.

That made my morning. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit Phone Post 3.0

What's pathetic is after all the girls are hit, NO ONE goes to help them to see if they are okay. Everyone just stands around.
What a sick society these people have created for themselves.

Lmfao thread delivers. VU! Phone Post 3.0

YouTube views are more important than human compassion.

#hoodratlivesmatter Phone Post 3.0

Those bitches got GTA'd


Rouseys mole - 
OblongBox -

I like how they all scattered and ran off like injured wild animals.

To be fair, apes are wild animals.. Phone Post 3.0

Roadblock successfully removed.

Fucked the hood up though. Phone Post 3.0

garfner - Crazy. No crowd gathers around a bunch of hurts girls instead every body vanishes including the girls Phone Post 3.0
So when the girls immediately scatter, should you chase them just so you can gather around them? Phone Post 3.0

East Saint Louis Phone Post 3.0

That was a bit of a surprise as I thought the car with the cam was going to plow into them and then BAM from behind.

I hope all are okay.

And, yes, stay out the skreets.

they really damaged that car

JetSetter - Hood rat bowling Phone Post 3.0
This comment is not getting the recognition it deserves... VTFU son Phone Post 3.0

how did they all just get hit and could run away especially the green and red shirt hood rats?


Traffic jam cleared.