Four officers on leave after video shows Calif. police kicking shoplifting

Seriously? I used to work as a store Loss Prevention Manager for close to 20 years, and we were never allowed to strike anyone. If they started to become violent we’d let them go as long as we got the merchandise and then call the police.

“I cant breathe”

Good. Choke then, bitch.


Ignored content.


Agreed. Fuck that little bitch.

But with that said, isn’t stealing up to $995 in CA basically legal?

  1. Fuck the shoplifter.

  2. Fuck the person filming who released the video.

  3. Fuck the bystanders who acted shocked and outraged on behalf of the piece of shit thief.

  4. Fuck the people in society who enable piece of shit thieves.

  5. Fuck the department administrators who placed the officers on leave.

  6. Fuck anyone who doesn’t condone kicking piece of shit thieves in the head.


You hate the Constitution THAT bad, huh?

Do you jerk off to Judge dredd?d

Fuck thieves. Pure scum.


Smart phones & social media have really played a huge part in our society turning to shit.

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isnt that the fate youd like to see happen to the last guy that stole from you?

Cops have been kicking criminals in the head accidentally for decades. It’s no big deal, they guy deserved it.