Four Player Co-Op Games

I quite like games in which the main type of play (campaign/story mode etc.) can be played by four people at once (ie. through the same machine, not through system-link or online).

Obviously there aren't that many of them, but I'm always on the lookout for more. Apart from the following, can anyone name any? If so, a brief review/comment would be much appreciated.

Brute Force

Hunter: The Reckoning/The Redeemer

Dungeons And Dragons: Heroes

Phantasy Star Online

Gauntlet (various)

Raw 2

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Blackstone: Magic And Steel

Project Eden

Super Smash Brothers Melee is awesome with four players. Total madness. This is one of my favorite fighting games.

Godzilla for GC is a four player brawler. It's fun and campy. Very satisfying to pick of a hospital and hurl it across town into someone's head. It's not fast or very deep, but I enjoyed it.

If you have a Dreamcast, not many things are cooler than Powerstone 2 with 4 people. Awesome game with very interactive environments and tons of collectable weapons.
The Dreamcast had a bunch of 4 player games, especially racers, like Wacky Races.

I'd take a crack at Combat Desert Storm 2, it's not as slow and bogged down as Ghost Recon, and is awesome multiplayer... It's kind of unrealistic with everyone having multiple medikits to heal each other, but this adds to the multiplayer fun value.

Redeemer was too short but still fun multiplayer. D&D Heroes is underrated IMO, and is sick with 3 or 4 people playing.

the Mario Party's are part co-op but very fun


I think Timesplitters 2 was two player co-op.I liked the original Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (the sequel comes out here tomorrow, so I've not played that yet), so I'm looking forward to Champions Of Norrath.I got Gladius yesterday, which apparently supports four players in the story mode, though I've not played that yet.

WWE Smackdown series

You can play Co-op if you want. Up to 6 people on one game console, although if you have 6 then there would be no computer guys to fight. We were doing some 4 humans vs. 2 computer Royal Rumble last weekend.

I've got the last two Smackdown games, and they're easily my favourite wrestling games. However, I tend to prefer Raw 2 for multiplayer (although the Royal Rumble isn't as good, since it only has four guys at any one time - I don't know why, since in other matches you can have six guys plus the ref).You might want to take a look at gamefaqs to acquaint yourself with the ways to get some of the more unique characters in the game (Minotaurs, Yeti, Undead Summoner, etc.)Thanks, I'll check it out.

Hey with Gladius, how do you choose a multiplayer game? Are the gladiators you buy just assigned to anyone? Cheers,

waiting for champions of norrath. 4 player co op.

out feb 10. get reviews up asap please. thanks.

Bomberman was a blast. When we learned you could pick up and throw the other guy when he was stunned that totally changed the game.

Cool. Thanks again Owen.