FOUR UFC events in the UK in 07?!

I just watched the Sherdog interview with Michael Bisping, and he's said that there will be FOUR UFC events in the UK this year with the first being in Manchester.

Will it be a UFN type event though or will it be a full Pay Per View? If it is, the only real venue in Manchester will be the Evening News Arena which holds 17500. Could the UFC jump straight into the UK market by going to the biggest indoor venue in the country?

I cant wait to go and see the events, UFC 38 was a great event and I think its been too long since the Albert Hall PPV.

^ why not?

I've read some speculation on that UFC Fight Night 10, on april 5, 2007 will be in England.

My contacts over there have told me it'll be at the Reebok. I said bullshit., they said "no bullshit".

Reebok Stadium is massive. There's no telling how many people they could fit in that place.

I was told they would only use "one end of it".

That makes much more sense.

If the UFC does go to england in april for UFC Fight Night 10, it will obviously be at a small venue.

Prob pick a smaller venue like maybe the Metro Arena in Newcastle for a ufn then have a bigger show at the MEN or at webley arena

I hope they host in London *rubs hands together.

" I can't see how it's plausible though, no roof means any rain would wreck the octagon."

Octogon will be covered (boxing style).

I would imagine it being held in the MEN although doesn't Warren hold excusive rights to hold fights in that arena?