Four vaccinated people I know got Covid

The claim that the vaccine lessens the effects of COVID is quite nebulous. It reminds me of how LA spends a billion dollars a year on homelessness just to have homelessness increase. When asked about it, Garcetti said, “Yea but think how much WORSE it would be if we hadn’t spent that money!”

It reeks of fear tactics and is impossible to prove one way or another.


Mutations only occur when a disease spreads? Is that why they no longer sell anti-bacterial soap in the US?

What do you mean new normal?

Gonna shut the world down and let everyone descend into poverty?

Or are we going to stop letting authoritarians have unilateral authority and accept that people are going to die no matter what.

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I know two people that are vaccinated that got it. What’s funny is I know several that had it last year and not a single one has had it twice. Immune system ftw.

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The efficacy rates among the vaccines aren’t direct comparisons though. The Pfizer and Moderna ~95% efficacy rates are derived from their tests/trials that were done early on in the pandemic. J&J ran their trials later and in different countries, when there were already mutated strains out in the wild.

There are side effects to be sure with the mRNA ones as well. Myocarditis/heart inflammation for young men for instance. I’m of the opinion that the mRNA vaccine side-effects are being kept a little more quiet than J&J, and one day the dam will break with people coming forward. They’re more experimental and the J&J is a more traditional vaccine. That’s enough of an incentive for a lot of people who want the vax but are leery of being too much of a guinea pig.

FWIW, anecdotally, my buddy’s older sister got the Moderna and had a mild stroke within the week. She’s about 50 and was in otherwise very good health. She’s a hardcore lib and really big on the vaccines, so she tried to keep it quiet, and didn’t want to call attention to it.

“Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said all crew on the deployment had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and the outbreak was being managed.”

What a fucking joke

3700 people on board. In line with the probability figures.

Actually, they list the total for the entire CSG as 3700, but don’t give the total infected beyond the 100 on the flagship.

1:37 tested positive…

Man these vaccines are having an incredible effect on these boats… definitely better than the ratios in March of 2020 when we didn’t have any vaccines.

Lol, it’s laughable at this point. Anyone with reasoning can see that these vaccines don’t work, all you people pushing them are retarded sheep!

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Best video I’ve seen

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??? I bought anti-bacterial soap yesterday. What are you talking about?

The White House confirmed Tuesday that a fully vaccinated staffer had tested positive for the coronavirus, shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office confirmed one of her staff had tested positive.

The Pelosi staffer had contact with Texas lawmakers who are in Washington to prevent passage of a voting bill. Six members of that delegation have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days.

Based on what. the cdc?

This happens all the time. It is a response to fighting an infection. You are fear mongering whether you realize it or not

It’s no more fear mongering than the people screaming about Covid, a virus with an incredibly high survival rate for anyone under 70, for months on end.

COVID comes from the vaccine

We had covid before the vaccines were commonplace though…?