Fox News Dominates Prime Time, CNN’s New Day Stumbles in Monday Ratings

Fox News Dominates Prime Time, CNN’s New Day Stumbles in Monday Ratings (

Fox News Dominates Prime Time, CNN’s New Day Stumbles in Monday Ratings

Fox News continued its winning streak across the board in Monday ratings, garnering nearly as many viewers in prime time as CNN and MSNBC combined, while CNN’s New Day took a hit in the valuable demographic of viewers age 25-54.

Fox’s prime time lineup drew 2.76 million total viewers, and 450,000 in the demo, according to data from Nielsen. MSNBC was second, with 1.89 million total viewers, and 260,000 in the demo. CNN was third, averaging 1.05 million total viewers, and 228,000 in the demo.

Fox and Friends also won the early morning, with 1.07 million total viewers, and 185,000 in the demo. MSNBC’s Morning Joe was second, with 1.02 million total viewers, and 140,000 in the demo. CNN’s recently revamped New Day averaged less than half of the total viewers of either of its competitors, with 456,000, and just 97,000 viewers in the demo.

In total day viewers, Fox was first with 1.54 million total viewers, and 266,000 in the demo. MSNBC was second in total viewers, with 1.12 million, and third in the demo, with 141,000. CNN was third in total viewers, with 724,000, and second in the demo, with 168,000.

No surprises in the five most-watched shows in cable news Monday, with Tucker Carlson Tonight notching the most total viewers, with 3.08 million, and also the most in the demo, with 494,000. Hannity was second, with 2.83 million total viewers, and 448,000 in the demo. The Five was third, with 2.74 million total viewers, and 423,000 the demo. The Rachel Maddow Show took fourth in total viewers, with 2.46 million, and fifth in the demo, with 362,000. The Ingraham Angle was fifth in total viewers, with 2.35 million, and fourth in the demo, with 407,000.


Add up all of their viewers and you get the starting number of propagandized retards in the country

Where is a good source for non-propaganda info?

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Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate, Jimmy Dore, Ben Shapiro, Dave Smith, Michael Malice, Bret Weinstein, Eric Weinstein, etc.

They all have their own political leanings and biases(most of those guys are on the left) but they’re open about where they are coming from. They are not always right but they don’t fabricate alternate realities and they aren’t paid liars.

Generally the best thing you can do is go right to the source. So if CNN/Fox reports that Trump/Biden said _______ in a press conference, ignore everything they editorialize about it and just pull up that video and listen to it in its entirety yourself.

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watching tucker kick so much ass is truely gratifying

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Meh, I don’t believe anything that comes from MSM. All propaganda, thanks Obama for legalizing that

just lol at giving a shit about news ratings

Most Dems dont actually care about politics. They only cared about hating Trump as commanded by the entire newsertainment industry. They are just happy now to forget politics and let Bidens handlers run the country now.

lol holy fuck no one is watching

very telling on who is eating up MSM lies.

Pretty sure those ratings are all the airport TVs.

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And half of those numbers are probably Canadians.

I wish MSNBC or CNN would hold their leaders accountable this way. When was the last time you saw them speak critically of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.?

I’m assuming that’s why Tucker is trouncing them in the ratings.

wouldnt surprise me in the least lol