Fox News host Tucker Carlson tells interviewer: ‘I lie’

I hated him and his stupid goody two shoes look when I was younger. Saw some clips of him going after power republican contributors and was surprised that he stuck to his morals, not his party like the other talking heads seem to do.

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Fight or Flight Response.

I’ve gone through those links - none of them show any proof that Tucker Carlson is igniting his viewers fight or flight responses. This claim is invalid.

Okay. Let’s mark an i next to that one.

Are you admitting she was wrong to include that or are you passing on giving a response?

You’ve determined it is invalid.

I gave a response.

Do you have control issues?

Lol - I have to DRAG this shit out of you. You are doing everything possible to avoid giving a clear yes-or-no answer.

Do you agree it is invalid? If not, why?

Holy shit, lol at the knights coming to defend Tucker Carlson.

I have never seen a group of men so upset over another man being called a liar.

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Stan — you are a tad bit controlling. This ain’t your wife, playboi. You don’t have to like my responses.

This is called “Taking your ball and going home”

Asking for clear, non vague answers is your kryptonite. Hopefully the rest of the OG will learn from this lesson.

Good luck to you, sir, I’m sure you’ll succeed trolling in another thread.


“Fox persuasively argues . . . that given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer arrives with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the statements he makes." She doesn’t stop there, writing that “[w]hether the Court frames Mr. Carlson’s statements as exaggeration, non-literal commentary, or simply bloviating for his audience, the conclusion remains the same—the statements are not actionable."

Tucker Carlson “I Lie”

OG “Name an instance where Tucker lies!”

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tucker is just news entertainment. he is an editorialist.

in one way I trust him more now. any man who admits to being a liar is much more honest than any man who claims he never lies.

does any journalist honestly believe that they without fail deliver only the truth to their consumers? I highly doubt it.

the thing is, most rational, reasonable people understand that you dont trust talking heads like tucker carlson to always deliver the truth.

most rational, reasonable people understand that you dont trust anybody to always deliver the truth.

Tucker fits well into the ancient category of Demagogue.

He does drive the mob by its base emotions

same as Maddow.

They are both monetizing the anger, fear, despair, & resentment of their base

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He doesn’t lie, he just frames facts in different perspectives

Yup. Demagogues the hell out of them.

He is gifted.

I can give some ground here, but that article is over analytical bullshit.

Yes. The Bob Ross of facts. Owning the libs with little happy trees splashed haphazardly onto the canvas of the right-wing idiot mind in an array of color.

Definitely not an high-paid MSM propagandist.

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Legit LOL

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Tucker says “I lie”. Maybe he’s lying when he said that?

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