Fox News Reports on Cage FIghting

The show they taped and covered was an XKK in FOrt Dodge Iowa,2933,167634,00.html

" Whatever. Screw bushnews."

Liberals are bad for the sport :)

Whatever screw bushnews, you ignorant bastard, the liberals will wipe out mma, god help us when the lefties are in control, those gun grabbing baby killing helmet wearing anti American socialist loving muslim kissing welfare supporting tax the living shit out of you atheists, And so what if Fox News is to the right it is about time us red staters get a station, I mean if cbs, nbc ,pmsnbc, abc, cnn and all of the others plus about 99% of your written news magazines and newspapers almost all of your universititties, most teachers reporters professors and other bleeding heart wackos we can surely have Fox News and the Wall Street Journal among a very select few others, but do not worry my liberal friend when Hillary runs you can rub your clitoris while wearing your helmet,

If she gets elected.... Im moving from this country


She is going to be hard to beat, with all of the closet fags America seems to be producing and everyone brainwashed by the liberal media do not say you will move Alec Baldwin choked on those words he promised to move to Paris if Bush got elected, the Republicans follow him around to functions with one way tickets but that scum is still here, I would not want to see you leave mouth

Electing Hillary is just giving Bill 4 more years as president.... Ill pass.

The big dogs want Hillary the carpet licker as prez with slick Willy running the U.N. Do not get me wrong a little carpet licking is cool but not with Hillary.

Keep your eyes to the sky and your powder dry

Fact: More people died, fled the country, plead the fifth, did hard time that were connected to the Klinton Kommunist regime than any other administration in the history of our great nation. So for all you wacko leftys that think dems are peace loving people, think again.

Sen McCain is one of the biggest MMA detractors. He's a conservative republican.

"Whatever screw bushnews, you ignorant bastard, the liberals will wipe
out mma"

You mean liberal like Lieberman, or like McCain?

This article was written in the beginning of September. Since then, Mike Strakka of Fox News wrote a Tremendous bit on our sport (he has written many). actually gives a lot of positive coverage to MMA.


Again proving how retarded you libs are, McCain is a dem in a republican suit he is an outright commie the good people of AZ. tried to recall him but could not come up with enough signatures. McCain is also bought and paid for by the boxing commissions. He is also for gun control but retracted after suffering much political heat he also has teamed up with Kennedy and his bill on campaign finance reform that was passed silences people like you and me 30 days before a major election, makes it so only major news media can speak out against a candidate why do you think the news media loves " The maverick from AZ." Boxing commissions will kill mma and McCain is thier shoeshine boy. Thier are many Republicans like him they are called moderates, I mean pussies, I could list an assload of them , just because they say they are republican do not believe them look at thier voting record, just ask jumpin Jim Jeffords

"McCain is a dem in a republican suit he is an outright commie the good
people of AZ"

Well then Lieberman is a republican in a dem suit. YOu have to admit that
at least ONE of those guys is further right than these scary, scary liberals
that you shit your pants about.

"McCain is also bought and paid for by the boxing commissions."

Well those commissions must be pissed now that hes trying to fuck them over by federalizing boxing.

The point being is that Mcain has proven to have the same stance on boxing as he has had for MMA.


onescoup is correct


Joe L is not that bad has more balls than alot of repubs, and maybe the commission did not fund john john with enough funds he is for federalizing dog humping and I am far from scared of libs, we are outbreeding them at an alarming rate because they abort thier younguns