FOX ufc events will increase PPV sales...huh??

Dana has said that his intention with the free Fox events is to hopefully get more people interested in buying ppv not a business major but this doesnt make much sense..they already have Fight nights on Spike and versus and now will be holding even bigger name fights on fox...this is all supposed to make the average joe want to purchase ppv question is, why would they buy ppvs if they can just watch al these free ufc events on tv?or does the Ufc think they have so many marketable fighters that they can get average joe hooked on them enough to create superfights for their ppvs?personally i dont think the ufc has enough truly unique and marketable fighters to really entice the average fan, maybe im wrong..

can someone explain how this is supposed to work?i know the way it works with me is now that there seems to so many free events on tv im less likely to order the ufc ppvs because frankly, i almost get burned out once in awhile..

 I hate to say it but I think Lorenzo was sort of talking out of his ass on that one - wishful thinking more than anything.

Nole_pride85 - 1. Show more free fights
2. Put avg ppv cards together
4. Profit Phone Post

. Phone Post

considering people can get for free what they had to pay for in the past (both on free tv and illegally on the internet), I can't say that I am shocked that PPV buys are down.

warheart209 - Fox has like 500x the viewers then spike...its not rocket science.

LOL @ this shit. People are already pronouncing the Fox deal a failure after two weeks.

You guys here give way too many fucks about PPV sales.

the idea is that by introducing more people to MMA, more people will be intrigued and interested in buying PPVs