FOX Wants All New Production!!!

First item of interest:

Get rid of the old UFC tunes and the "Gladiator" scene.


I love FOX already.

And also, FOX is tied to the Music Industry, so we can all enjoy a totally new product complete with "Walk Out" music that is legit!

For example, just for the record......

I'd never had paid M&M $115,000 to play his song once either.

No sir.

if true thats great, the gladiator was lame when it first came out and is even lamer now

wtf 115K to play his song once? funk that.

Bringing back the ramp?

Ghan - Where did you get this info?

How about you state whether you are full of shit or not in the first post and save us the time?

brahmabull81 - So is everyone an insider now?

Ive got a reliable source that tells me Brocks first fight back from his current illness will be held on the international space station, co promotion with NASA. You heard it here first! Phone Post


Roidie McDouchebag - Link?

His mothers cunt muscle by the looks of it. Phone Post

This guy is now employed by Fox:



skooter - Get rid of the old UFC tunes and the "Gladiator" scene.

Confirmed on press conference. It's gone.

Fox will replace Galdiator Man with the Robot guy they use for the NFL

Hahaha.....What did I tell you guys?????