Foxtrot Video in reference to Carjacking and Use of Force Incident

Carjacker gets run over, deserves it…

What’s the police lingo “number 1 male” mean?

I think we know.

Why code it? Why not just say it?

I believe it reflects the position of the occupant in a vehicle.

In the driver’s seat - position one. Gender of the subject - male.


Just hazarding a guess. I mean its surely racist though because there are no black cops, and even if there were, they’d be racist too, right?

Jesus you idiots

Good. Fuck him.

matt serra lol GIF by UFC

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Hispanic
  4. Asian
  5. Other

For years my agency and many others were required to use this coding to document the race of every contact we made with a person in public . It used to be done on a Scantron bubble sheet. My agency now does it digitally— there is no longer any number coding associated with each race. It was common to use these corresponding numbers for radio brevity. Our newer generation of officers has no idea what these numbers even mean. But I’d bet other agencies still use the same system, which is what you hear in this video.

Tire gauge required to run him over.