Fracis for Nash

If I were the Rockets GM I'd give Dallas a call and see if they want to swap straight up.

Francis has got some great skill but the ball has to go to Yao more often. Francis would give Dallas the swagger they lost when they dealt Nick the Quick away and the Rockets would get a better play maker/team player.


Dallas needed someone in the middle and now that person plays or Detroit, Dalls can't in with what they have

Dallas doesn't need another perimeter player. NASH causes all sorts of HAVOC...
We all hate Francis so I can see your point. Dallas needed Rasheed but OPPPPPPPPPPPPPS!

moot point Nash will be a free agent this offseason

nash isn't getting paid what he should be in dallas.

Dallas should try and keep Nash. I think he's what gives that team it's personality, and I mean the high-octane, no-turnover offense personality, not the no-defense personality.

"We all hate Francis so I can see your point."

I've only seen Francis play a handfull of times, but I'd be rid of him for a good playmaker.

walker has the largest contract on the mavs. next is finley. look for one of those 2 to go.

I have met Francis several times. I talked to him while he was at San Jac JC as well as this year at an afterparty. He used to be a team player willing to listen, but fame has grown to his head. As well as Rudy Tomjanovich's "support" in telling him that he could be one of the greatest point guards in the history of the game blew his ego open. He is no longer the player he once was, ie AI.

JVG will trade him in the offseason for any true point guard, regardless of the quality of the deal. It will clear capspace needed to deal some of the other overpaid Rockets.

Francis could be an above average 2 guard, especially on a team built around slashers, rather than a scoring post player. He plays very hard and is a physical specimen.

The only thing Dallas needs is a new coach...One who will teach Defense

true, Nellie has been stealing money for years