Fragile knuckles?

I've been back in training for a few months, but I've had to miss more than a few days cause my hands just get shattered any time I hit anything harder than air. I normally use new 16oz. everlast gloves and long wraps. It's gotten to the point that I can't even hit the pads without wincing, which is just sad. My knuckles get brusied to hell, and the other day I lost some mobility in my pinky finger, tho that has returned.

Anyone else got this problem? What's the best way to be wrapping hands? Anyone use the gel-things I've seen around?

Look at your form. You may be punching toward your ring finger and pinky. This is bad form and will result in a stress fracture more commonly known as a Boxer's Fracture. This results in a fracture of the neck of the fifth metacarpal.

Other than that buy some good quality gloves. You may be able to find some decent deals on quality gloves at:

I've tried those Everlast Gel Wraps on two different occasions (didn't learn my lesson the first time) and was very disappointed. I think a higher quality glove and wrapping extra around your knuckles should be helpful.

1-wrapping hands properly

2-add a piece of sponge, household or carwash sponges, cut to size and add it to the pad part of your hand wrap. you can also make an extra pad out of gauze.(180cm mex style stretch wrap with sponge or gauze)

3-IMF gloves(injected molded foam)

4-check out your form as Mallard said

5-dit da jow(chinese herbal medicine)or pickle juice(no kidding, old time boxers trick to strengthen hands)

Is it your actual knuckle bones, or the connective tissue (tendons, sinue and cartiliage)?

Have you broken knuckles before? I broke my knuckle on my right hand so many times it hardened and was fine but then it started to damage the cartiliage until once I hit something very hard and I split the cartiliage behind the knuckle and I couldn't hit anything for like a year without it hurting. A broken knuckle shouldn't hurt for more than 3 or 4 months. It's the tendons and cartiliage that really hurt for a long time if you injure them.

Can't you check with your trainer if you are doing something wrong? Do you want us to correct your technique over the internet?