Fragile X Syndrome


We may never know the reasons behind Chris Benoit's decision to take the life of his wife, young son and himself. However, a Delta woman, who was in contact with the Canadian wrestler a few years ago, said she might have some insight into the family. Pam Winthrope said Benoit's son had a genetic condition called Fragile X syndrome. Winthrope said she has experienced the condition first hand and knows how it can tear a family apart.

Fragile X syndrome is an inherited mental impairment. Pam's 12-year-old son has the condition and she said in an effort to shed light on the syndrome, her husband called Chris Benoit about five years ago.

She said, "We talked to him because I was trying to set up a support group in BC and in Canada, we only have a couple of them. My husband was struggling when we got diagnosed with our son, and Chris was struggling with his. They talked for a few minutes and then he said he didn't want to be a public face for Fragile X, he just wanted to keep it really, really quiet."

Winthrope said she couldn't believe the news that Benoit had taken his life along with his wife and 7-year-old son. She added that families can be torn apart by the disease because it's very difficult to find help and support. She said, "You as a parent have to go out there and find what's available and it's not easy --they don't tell you."

Authorities offered no motive for the killings, which were spread out over a weekend, and would not discuss Benoit's state of mind.
According to, "Fragile X Syndrome is a defect of the X chromosome which causes mild mental retardation. The disorder occurs more frequently and severely among males than females. This condition is the leading known familial cause of mental retardation in the United States. Language delays, behavioral problems, autism or autistic-like behavior (including poor eye contact and hand-flapping), enlarged external genitalia (macroorchidism), large or prominent ears, hyperactivity, delayed motor development and/or poor sensory skills are among the wide range of symptoms associated with this disorder."

While the above information has not been verified by authorities, this may explain why the Daniel was being given Human Growth Hormone as reported by Fayetteville District Attorney Scott Ballard in an interview with Ballard said that Daniel was apparently found with needle marks in his arm and was being given HGH because the family thought he was undersized.

It may also shed light onto why Chris didn't want someone else raising his son and made the fateful decision to kill him. As irrational and twisted as it may sound, he may have felt he was saving his son from the double-blow of losing his parents through a murder-suicide and being subject to being raised by people who didn't understand or care for his condition.

I just want yall to know I did not post this because it was another Benoit posting...

I just felt to post this cause of the rare condition this kid had and figured id share it and make it aware of it since it was so rare....

It seems even worse to me, if that is possible, to strangle an impaired tiny child.

Maybe steroids did ultimately make him do it, if they were responsible for messing up his swimmers.

Ironicly, an article on yahoo's main page speaks of scientists discovering ways to reverse this gene and forms of autism (sp).

"Steroids messed up his swimmers, I guess."

Sarcasm? The defect that causes Fragile X Syndrome is generally passed down for generations before it has expanded enough to present with the disease.

Anyone who has ever known a child with Fragile X knows how incredibly difficult it is to deal with them considering their mental retardation, hyperactivity, inappropriate social development, and various other annoying characteristics. I can see how caring for one could drive a man insane.


is fragile X more severe than Downsyndrome (sp?)

are children affected by this disease more difficult to handle than someone with autism?

The post was too long to read. Is Fragile X Syndrome the same as being a piece of shit? If so, I'm pretty sure that's what Benoit had.

Edit: Now that I skimmed it I realize it has something to do with the kid's condition. So never mind. Benoit was still a piece of shit, though.

If this is what the fanboy apologists are offering as exculpatory circumstances, they better keep working.

Holy cr*p,

If Benoit had fragile X then you might have an excuse. Give me a break.

He had plenty of money to get professional help for his son and family. Fragile X children are mildly retarded, there are many developmental disabilities that are more difficult to deal with.

I'd wait on proof.