Franca/Thomson needs to be........

ruled a No Contest and they should have a re-match ASAP! Read this article.


ZUFFA needs to correct mistakes made by their officials. This fight is a No Contest.


ttt for future LW champion Josh Thomson!!


A referee cannot jump in and stop a fight while one man is winning then a few seconds later change his mind and say "Ok wait...keep fighting!", this gives the other man a chance to recover which is completly unfair. I understand Landless may be trying to be more carefull about stopping fights after what happened with Phil Baroni...and that landless is probably ten times better than me at refereeing MMA fights. But he made an obvious mistake, he should just address the situation and correct it so that everyone can get on with their lives.

That happened so fast it didn't affect the fight. You guys need to watch the fight.

"at happened so fast it didn't affect the fight. You guys need to watch the fight."

looks like it affected the fight to me based upon those images....

shit, he physically put his hands on Franca... kept him from moving in and punching or taking his back. by the time Landless was out of the way... Josh has his leg.

looks like a disruption to me.



From the pics that Puma posted, it looked like it was an interruption on Larry's part. But still, I would watch the fight before making any conclusions.

damn, and i was slagging ogg John Hartnett over his "sour grapes"

but holy shit, that looks inexcusable

Larry needs to take a time out, let Mario Yamasaki ref a LOT MORE fights, he`s a far superior ref imo



ttt for Future LW champion Josh Thomson!!!



I used to like ATT but now what a bunch of cry babies.

Thomson won the fight and they can't live with that, half of these people posting on this thread haven't seen the fight in person or on tape. Read,,, they all have Thomson winning the fight, I guess there all wrong, RIGHT!!! And I'm sure Joe Rogan didn't have a good view of all the action and he's wrong as well.

TTT for Thomson and for fighting his ass off.