Franca Vs. Reyes Poll

Ok Ug'ers make your picks here for Franca Vs. Reyes, be sure to include what RD. and by what method the winner will finish!


Rd. 1


reyes rnd one "rockwell poop method"

Franca, R1, armbar

Franca, Rd 1, armbar.

i think Franca is gonna either brake his arm for all the smack talk or put him to sleep via rear naked choke. i'll bet on it. i know i would if someone talked all that smack about me.

Reyes by Axe Kick followed by hammer stikes. The fight will end with Dim Mak (death touch)

Franca by whatever he wants Rd. 1.

If Franca is smart he will just beat this punk down senselessly for every round. Just get a good position and drop bombs. Everytime The Tomato Can is ready to tap, he should slow the pace down. In the last two minutes of the last round he should break the guys arm (career ending style), and not respect the tap.

Franka, rd 1, by first time ever rear naked choke arm bar guilltine oma plata combination....... which = death by being turned into an eatable human pretzel.

Franca round 1 by pissing in his face! :) Hows that for a real prediction haha!

Franca....Rd 2 by "Kimora"

Franca - by pure dominance any time any where any place.

Obviously, Franca.

Gary Hughes

ummmm I'll go out on a limb & choose Franca...

Isn't he just a little out of your weight class Seth? ;)

Franca via RNC.. Goodnight LIL' Manny!!!

This fight will not happen... reyes withdrawl via bullshit excuse 2 weeks prior to the fight.

*You heard it here first*

oh, ohhhh you better start training lil blode dude... You actually get punch in our world.
Mikey Gomez...
p.s. HERMES won't try to get some point kicks, point KARATEKA strike.lolmake sure you bring the red pillow on youre head that you have in that picture...

where is Carlao on this one?

Readytorumble is correct. I should point out this quote from Reyes' original announcement...

"Im just waiting for my Attorney to Review and Approve it....... "

Translation: this fight won't happen. You can smell the bullshit excuses miles away...


Franca, via RNC 1:30 rd 1