Franca Vs. Reyes Poll


RD 1

Liborio Armbar

Franca, Rd 1, armbar.

Manny by eyegouge or possibly scrotum bite

My $$$ says Manny won't show.

I actually picked hermes to beat Yves, and I doubt Manny would escape the first minute of the round against Yves. No disrespect Manny, but what the fuck are you thinking? You are trash talking one of the best PROVEN 155 pounders in the world. You may think you're on his level, and you obviously think you are the best 155 pounder in the world, but for fuck sake beat someone close to his level before talking shit. If you beat Franca, I'll give you all the respect you deserve as a fighter. Hell, you beat franca, I'll beg you for your autograph, but don't give everyone a reason to dislike you. One man can talk only so much shit. Do you have any idea how many people will shit all over you if you lose? It'll be like 20,000 against 1. That many people talking shit will surely drive you crazy. Cool out a bit, and good luck with fighting a now pissed off hermes franca.

franka and i hope he gives him a beat down

This fight shouldn't even be happening.

Franca via Ground N Pound for a knock out in Round 1. A submission is too fast a death.


Reyes by getting a whole bunch of adults? all riled up
for nothing.

man if Manny's people try to go crazy after Franca kills him keep your watches ready cause it will set a new record for the worlds quickest riot.

"This fight will not happen... reyes withdrawl via bullshit excuse 2 weeks prior to the fight.
*You heard it here first* "

Damn, someone beat me to it.

manny by DQ after seth storms the ring with a steel chair wwe style.