Francisco Candido Xavier

Just a brief biography.

Francisco Candido Xavier spirit medium and author dies
Mon Jul 1, 2:19 PM ET

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Francisco Candido Xavier, a popular spirit medium who wrote best-selling books he said were transmitted to him by dead Brazilian ( news - web sites) authors, died of heart failure, police said Monday. He was 92.

Xavier, who died in his home Sunday night, wrote over 400 books that sold estimated 25 million copies.

Because he said he wasn't the books' author, he ceded all royalties to the Spiritist presses that published them and lived off a meager salary and later a pension he earned as a typist for the Ministry of Agriculture.

Born in Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais state, on April 2, 1910, Xavier said he began channeling spirits shortly after his mother died when he was five. He would sit in the garden holding long conversations with her.

When Xavier was 17, his father converted their house into a center where he held religious meetings involving spirit channeling.

His first book, "Poetry from Beyond the Tomb," a collection of 59 poems signed by various dead authors published in 1932 caused a stir because Xavier only had a fourth grade education.

In 1981, federal lawmaker Freitas Nobre traveled to the Nobel Institute in Sweden with some 10 million signatures from Brazilians calling for Xavier to be awarded peace prize.

Four years ago, health problems stopped Xavier from receiving the dozens of people who came to his house in Uberaba, some 600 kilometers (375 miles) west of Rio de Janeiro, every day to receive his blessing.

On Monday, thousands of mourners waiting to pay respects to the corpse formed a three-kilometer-long (two-mile-long) line outside Xavier's house, police said.

Xavier, who never married and had no children, will be buried Tuesday.


In Portuguese:

alov hashalom peace be unto him

Donna, how often do you channel spirits?

Does this dude actually use the names (signatures) of the dead? That can't be legal, can it?

Sorry to hear as well. RIP.

Sorry, I copied it without checking if all the information was complete.

He died in June 30, 2002.

The same day that Brazil won the Soccer World Cup.

I felt devided, happy and sad for my country at the same time.

He predicted he would die in a day that Brazilians would not miss him too much.


Chico wrote several books for the spirit of Humberto de Campos, a writer of the Academia Brasileira de Letras. The family of Humberto de Campos then sued him. It happened in the 1940´s, I guess.

There were two processes:

One to identifie if the book was really from whom Xavier claimed it to be.

The second, in case the first assumption was true, the family would receive the rights of the book (which were donated to charity institutions).

The first process proved the book did belong to Humberto de Campos, thru stylistic means did by university professors.

The second process denied the rights to the family, since dead people don´t have civil rights. The rights remained being given to the charity institution.

After all this problem, Humberto de Campos refused to sign with his own name again, and began to sign as Irmão X (Brother X).


Out of curiosity, what would prevent me from writing a book for the spirit of Shakespeare? you channel the spirit of William Shakespear? I doubt it, I've read many of your posts LOL :-)

yours in Christ


Hey now sherm...

If anyone, I probably channel the great Al Bundy...



Mediumship is related with genetics. Everyone has the potential, but not everyone develope it.

First, Shakespeare would have to WANT to write thru you. And Shakespeare would have to ask for God´s permission.

Second, you´d have to be trained in distinguishing your thoughts from other people´s thoughts, so you´d be able to be honest on what you were writing.

But Xavier didn´t write only one book. The first one, "Parnaso de Além Túmulo", had over 50 different authors, famous and unkowns, that were verified by university professors as authentic too. Even the signatures were compared.

I have no knowledge of anyone that is able to immitate the style of over 50 writers. In poetry.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Donna...

If I had a dime for everytime I talk about playing high school football, I would be a rich man right now...

"The first process proved the book did belong to Humberto de Campos, thru stylistic means did by university professors."

So Chico wrote in the same style...

"The second process denied the rights to the family, since dead people don´t have civil rights. The rights remained being given to the charity institution."

I don't see things like that flying in America, though our judicial system is far from perfect. "dead people don't have civil rights." Well, I'd have argued that dead people don't write books either. But if your willing to accept that the dead continue to write books, then why not extend their civil rights to them also?

"After all this problem, Humberto de Campos refused to sign with his own name again, and began to sign as Irmão X (Brother X)."

I wonder why he didn't want the royalties of his work to continue to go to his family? He cared enough to continue to write poetry but not to use that gift to care for his family. That seems less than noble to me... but I digress.


p.s. You never answered my first question. How often do you channel spirits? Or do you?

Oh and thanks for your honesty and willingness to share things that you probably feel will be met with ridicule and skepticism.

Well, Puzzled, I´ve already said in other threads that I used to channel spirits. Perhaps you were not around here at that time and you didn´t read them.

Nowadays I am not working at a spiritist center. So I don´t channel anymore, but I can feel the spirits presence sometimes. I believe that as soon I begin to work again, the mediumship will develope again.

In special moments I can feel my grandmother besides me, in other moments I can feel what people name as "vibrations".

Puzzled, imagine that, for any strange reason, your son don´t give value to the things you worked hard to provide him. He becomes an adult, but doesn´t want to take responsabilities. Would you continue to give him money?

You see, there are times that a parent must leave their children alone, so they gain strength to walk upon their own feet. Yet, there is the risk of, when giving things, instead of helping, they are being overprotective and spoiling their children.

This attitude is taken by any parent that dies. In practical matters, they are not beside us anymore, although they can continue to inspire us with good ideas (or bad, if they were not good people).

Many attitudes you think is right when you are young, later you recognize them as naive or incorrect. The same goes to when a person dies. The point of view necessarily changes, from material to spiritual life, and the attitudes will change accordingly.

One of those threads.


On the other hand, can you imagine how upset Humberto de Campos was about his family?

Not only they doubted of his existence, but they persecuted the man that was willingly giving him the chance to express himself on Earth again.

He must have felt sorrow for the greed of his family.

But that is just a thought of mine...

Now where is Puzzled?

Donna, I can see how some of our speculations can lead to justifying the actions of these dead (though still actively involved with us) spirits.

But alas, that's all we have are speculations. Since we can't prove any of it. Yet, to me it still seems odd to sign a work with another signature. Especially, if that work is being sold. And these clearly were. The fact that he didn't get the money directly is an aside. He still controlled where the money went. So it was used to benefit his interests, which could also be viewed as a form of greed.

In addition, I fail to see is how this (channeling spirits) is beneficial for us and how it fits into a biblical framework.



There are many people in complete dispair being saved from suicide after receiving a message from the beloved ones that died.

Despite the fact that you don´t accept reincarnation, I doubt you will see the messages from "Our daily bread" as evil messages. Instead, they all claim us to pursue righteousness in our lives.

Anyway, all we really need is "to love God above all, and the neigbor as yourself".