Congrats to my team on the weekend! You all fought with heart and determination. Your hard work paid off in victory and defeat. Ash is a monster, just wait a couple more years. Jessie got put on his back by a tough opponent who has been in the game for years and not once did he back down constantly maiking escape attempts. Pinky is the man, stepping up to fight someone like PJ and making it a great fight made us all proud. Pink will never go down without a fight, he is a savage and improves constantly. Antonio you are a bully! The Monkey is a jerk! Last but far from least is Lixo. Marco trained very hard for this match and it showed. With an awesome finish he was definately the hightlite of my day! Shah Franco is the man, and I promise next time that we will be even louder!

TTT to Ash, Jeffy, Pinky, Antonio, Lixo and Monkey

Go Franco_behring Team!!!

I miss Lofinho's hugs... :(

How did this thread get way down here...

TTT !!

Back to the top!



TTT for the Franco/Behring Team.

ttt for a great showing...

And hopefully Loaf will be in there as well, competing and making a mess.

Congrats to the team!!!



Congrat guys!

I love you, my TEAM!!!



Saudades Professor.

TTT for Behring Team.



All you dudes and dudettes rock!


Does Fraco ever compete? It would be awesome to have him along with Joslin, Bocek, Omar, and the rest of the 'pioneers' in the next SWI event!


Shah Franco/Behring Jiu Jitsu f#ckin rules.


Shah Franco, Monkey, Lixo, Antonio, Loaf, Jesse, Pinky, Wayne, Ashlyn, Warren, Glen, Brent, Beww, Geoff...all Franco/Behring Team mates.


Sylvio Behring

ttt for a great team!

TTT for Franco-Behring

I heard ROCCO from Scott's place was also around representing the Team! hehehe! sorry, inside-joke... at least Monkey, Pinky and Jeffy would understand...