Frank Camacho vs. Manuel Torres

Up next… I got Camacho

Torres via TKO in RD 1.


I’ll take Torres

Gotta take my fellow Guamanian

Camacho is 1-4 in his last 5 and hasn’t fought in two years.

Torres is supposed to win this…we’ll see

Did Torres just slide like 2 feet on a slippery mat?

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youre GIF

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Nice debut


Well, my Messican friends are going to give it to me now, lol

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How are your overall picks for tonight?

Christopher Nolan translating

That was fucking brutal, and so slick. Man, I feel bad for Camacho.

I’ve only picked the last 2, at least in threads, so 2-0

But i sure as hell wouldn’t have picked angela hill, and i liked the underdog in the maximov fight

I think I’m just 2-2. Keep your 100% accuracy going!

I’m undefeated tonight easy to do when the matchmakers fuck up so bad

Very nice debut