Frank Cucci videos?

Is anyone familiar with Frank Cucci, former Seal that trains BJJ, military H2H, etc?

Does he have any recent DVD's? I'm sure he's legit, but I haven't seen any of his stuff.

I know he has some old DVDs with Panther Productions and TRS, but I'm trying to avoid them.

I saw his TRS stuff aeons ago. IIRC, it's not bad, but is mostly retread Paul Vunak JKD-like stuff.

The videos are ok, but if you want real stickfighting vids, check out the Dog Brothers vids. Frank is awesome at what he does though. He is a BJJ Black Belt under Pedro Sauer.

I'm well aware of the Dog Brothers' excellence in stickfighting instruction. Marc posts here frequently.

I am more interested in hand-to-hand fighting.