Frank Edgar vs. Ken-flo at ufc 78?

both are rumored for ufc 78 in New Jersey.

great fight if it happens

I would pay to see that fight

great night for lightweight fights -

bj vs sherk/stevenson/etc

kenny vs edgar or so

i like

Would be the 2nd best opponent Florian's fought so far.

you think hes better than mishima or fickett or diego or leben

I'd love to see this, but I don't know why everyone thinks it's going to happen just because they might be on the same card.

Edgar's on his way to a title fight and Kenny had one two fights ago.

^^^speculation my friend

edgar isnt in direct line for a title shot yet and neither is kenny - the fight would be a great one & would make for an interesting title picture if sherk is stripped - with

BJ, Stevenson, Din, Aurelio, Kenny, Edgar etc all performing well

good weight class

kenny vs. bj, make it happen