Frank Edgar

I think this guy has the tools to becoming the lightweight champion. I personally think he would beat Sherk. I'd say Sherk would get the first couple takedowns based on a good shot and a strong finish, but aside from shooting, Edgar appears to be the better overall wrestler. I think he could outwrestle Sherk and win a decision.

I'd also match him up with just about anyone at lightweight right now. I think it would be difficult for other 155ers to deal with his non-stop scrambling. The UFC is filled with second and third rate wrestling, watching a guy like Edgar is a breath of fresh air. He reminds me of a lightweight version of Randy Couture.

P.S. I exclude BJ Penn from everything I said above.

Def one of the top dogs in his weight. Edgar vs Urijah Faber needs to happen.

I have certainly liked what I have seen recently from Frank Edgar.....I don't know if he's ready for the likes of SHerk yet, but he definatly has the skill set to get there....hope his drive to compete and prepare matches his abilities....if so, I could see him being one of the top LW in the near future


How is Frank Edgar's submission skills?

Not only is Sherk really good at wrestling, his submissions are really top notch.

I'm stilling fucking pissed at this guy.

No one barely beats Tyson Griffin and makes me a fan. A rematch would be different. This guy is all hype, Spencer Fisher destroy him.

Huh? If anything, Spencer is a bit hyped up.

I think Frank would beat him pretty handily.

LOL, Edgar would have Spencer on the mat almost instantaneously.

Edgar impressed me so much against Griffin. It's pretty rare for a guy to make it into the big show with practically no hype and then deliver a performance like that. Kharitonov is really the last fighter I can think of who came out of nowhere to surprise everyone. I hadn't heard a damn thing about Edgar before Zuffa signed him. (Griffin, of course, had quite a bit of hype behind him before he signed. And rightfully so.)

I'm looking forward to seeing him fight again.

That guys is a star.....he was relentless against Tyson. I look forward to seeing him fight again.

hes pretty known out here on the east coast.Looked very impressive against Griffen


Spencer Fisher would be on his feet for the first ten seconds of a fight with Edgar and it would be all down hill from there.

I think Tyson Griffin can be one of UFC's top 155ers in the near future as well. He destroyed Urijah Faber. I like how Ryan G put it. Edgar was supposed to be another "W" for the highly hyped Griffin. Didn't turn out like that, which is surprising because usually fighters with limited experience lose in their UFC debut. Edgar has no where to go but up.

dude! Edgar isn't a big 155er he could easily drop ten faber and Edgar would be awesome!

I'd take Edgar any day over Faber. Just watch Faber/Griffin.

frankie edgar fan right here! that griffin fight blew my eyes right out of
my skull, still havent found them, not sure how im typing...

Frank should be fighting 145 not 155. Frank walks around 153 not even 155. Tyson walks around 180 plus. So as far as franky fighting below his weight class hes not even fighting in his weight class hes the smallest 155 in the ufc.Anyway franks my boy lucky for me i get to train with him ;)

"smallest 155 in the ufc" , doesn't Pulver walk around quite small too, like 150 ish or something. The UFC has enough guys that a 145 division would be stacked !!!!

I think that Edgar has a much more impressive wrestling pedigree than Sherk. While Sherk never went on to wrestle in college (I am sure he could have), Edgar was a standout at Clarion (a smaller but well-respected school in the world of wrestling).

Edgar's fight with Griffin was shocking. I expected Edgar to have great wrestling, but his stand-up and ground work really surprised me. Wrestler vs. wrestler match-ups are usually exciting, but that one was one of the best. It's one of my all-time favorites.

I can't wait to see Edgar in the Octogon again.


TTT for Jersey wrestlers !!!

His hands are really good for someone who just jumped into the fight game... props to the only NJ fighter in the UFC rigt now, hopefully we'll see more jersey guys in the Octagon. Jose Rodriguez is due, and Chris Ligouri is due for his second shot.