Frank in pride, ufc vs pride again

Thanks to gryphon for this news.

"CS sky perfecTV has a program "PRIDE Maniax"
In this program,SAKAKIBARA said "Frank will fight in PRIDE,it is already decided"......Finally?

this is net BBS writing now,But this program will repeat,I will check it

In this program,He said "SUMO Wrestler coming" "in summer,UFC vs PRIDEshow"too "

I think this is all sakakibara hinting at the vegas show regarding frank and ufc vs pride.

Also Sakakibara stated his main goal now is to put together Kondo vs Vanderlei for febuary, sakakibara admitted kondo is one of the very few japanese fighters who could beat vanderlei.

Rampage is hurt, so I would expect him to fight the winner in vegas, it only seems logical.

Kondo won't last four minutes.

Yea there have definately been rumors forever, but this is the first time pride has actually acknowledged frank will fight, other times it was frank saying he will fight, but no word from pride.

"Kondo won't last four minutes."

This is the first time I have ever did this, but im so sure your talking out of your ass, I will bet my screen name.

He lasted 13 minutes with barnett, he has a great chin, more accurate striker then vanderlei. Im not saying kondo will win, but you must be joking if you give him 4 minutes. Otsuka went longer then 4 minutes!

Oh man, Pride, Frank, Vegas...



6 minutes, then he's done.

The name Shamrock is known - that in and of itself is pretty important. It's what got Frank noticed in the first place.

Frank has always had the charisma and the look as well the skills... he would make a great US star for Pride...

Damn I am a huge fan of the UFC and of Frank. I wish they could of worked out a deal. :(

Frank isnt worth the money- he has no name recognition.

Who's Frank?

Better yet, what has he done in the last 2 or 3 years?


Who's Tank?

What's he done the last 2-3 years?

So Frank is going to fight a sumo wrestler in Pride vs UFC in Vegas?

ericcatfish5 is an ignorant fool

If they must have Silva fight guys from Japan then Kondo is as good a choice as any and he will not be a push over. I wonder who fank will fight IF he fights. Unless its a warm up for another fight I have little intrest to watch the Frank Shamrock equivelent of Rickson vs. Takada.

"ericcatfish5 is an ignorant fool"

I judge a matchup differently than you, so I'm ignorant?? I think Silva is a much better fighter and will win convincingly, so I'm a fool? It's good you can disagree with a person's view without resorting to insults, and instead offer up a reason why you would feel differently. Oh, wait................

I apologize Ericcatfish5 (going for the hug).......

"So Frank is going to fight a sumo wrestler in Pride vs UFC in Vegas?"

No i think gryphon had those as seperate news notes.