Frank Miller returns to Batman

Frank Miller and Jim Lee will be working on DC's All-Star Batman and Robin, according to Newsarama


As Newsarama previously reported, the idea behind the All-Star line isn’t to spin the characters into a new timeline, a new universe, or a new continuity, rather, the creators are telling stories set in a contemporary period that both builds on the histories of the respective characters, while remaining fresh and as timeless as possible. These are books that DC hopes, will pull people in who maybe haven’t read a Batman or Superman story in a while – if ever. These versions and stories, while not “dumbed down” at all, will bring to the page what’s pure about the character – the iconic characteristics.


As Miller said, “This is Dick Grayson's initiation and he's dealing with a very stern teacher. Batman is a hard teacher - unforgiving. Brutal. At the same time, Grayson is watching Batman come into his full power. Me and Jim Lee get to play with all of DC's toys. It'll be a romp. It'll be a lot of fun. I plan on raiding DC's treasury of characters. There won't be a Black Canary or a Wonder Woman unused.”


According to the [New York]Times, All-Star Batman is slated to begin in July. Reportedly, the storyline will last six issues.

Frank Millers writting, Jim Lees art stories of Batman reaching his prime.

Im Buying

i was buying anyway cos of Jim Lee's art, but now with Frank Miller writing, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!

frank miller? who is he? isn't jim lee the guy from enter the dragon?

So Frank Miller is the surprise mystery writer?

Pretty cool. Although I'm a huge Jim Lee fan, I don't particulary like his work on Batman. I don't feel it suits the character or the location (Gotham City). I do like his new-look Robin, though.

I would have rather seen Brian Bolland. I still think the art in The Killing Joke is the best representation of Batman, EVA!

frank miller? who is he?

Miller is a writer/artist. In comics, he best known as the artist of the original Wolverine mini-series, classic runs on Daredevil, introducing and establishing Elektra and re-inventing Batman with The Dark Knight Returns. He's done a number of independent projects for Dark Horse Comics, including 300 and the Sin City Series.

He's written for hollywood, (one or two of the RoboCop movies) and is listed as the assistant director in the upcoming Sin City Movie.

Jim Lee is an artist. He is best known for his work on the X-Men with Marvel Comics. He was one of the original founders of Image Comics, and help establish and create the Wildstorm Universe at Image (creating and drawing Gen 13, WildCATS, Grifter, and other titles). Image has since been acquired by DC Comics, and Jim Lee has returned to pencilling, most notably Hush and the current Superman.

Frank Miller should take as much credit for the Robocop movie(s) he did as Amaury Bitetti should take credit for his UFC performances ;-)

Both are legitimately awesome in one arena, hellaciously sucky in another.... was kidding :-)

Lol, it is opinion. First off i'm jazzed that Frank Miller is going to be working with Jim Lee on Batman. Miller is definitely a prolific writer as is Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Those threes contributions to comics is incredible. I am also a huge fan of Mark Millar. Even though people might scream bloody murder i would have to say Stan Lee's contribution to Marvel as a writer was also huge. He revolotionized the comic book genre even though some would say that is was mostly because of Jack Kirby's work. Geoff Johns is a underestimated writer who i think is great. So to make a long story short there probably isn't one all time best writer.

BTW- I hate Judd Winnick. I just think that he is a shitty writer while some of you might disagree with me. Lol, it just depends on your opinion.

BTW- I hate Judd Winnick. I just think that he is a shitty writer while some of you might disagree with me.

I won't disagree with you. I dropped Outsiders after 6 issues because all the characters sounded the same to me.