Frank Mir competing this weekend

No, its not MMA.

But I still don't have a ton of confidence in him. The guy he's facing is only partially human . . . and I question the validity of those claims!

This weekend Frank Mir will be taking on 2X All American and the only guy to pin Brock Lesnar (during their Collegiate Wrestling career) who just happens to have a few years in BJJ and is undefeated in sub-grappling . . . if you haven't figured out who it is (actually, I'd be surprised if you knew who he was) its Dave Anderton.

Mir and Anderton will be facing off in a superfight this Saturday at the American Grappling Games AGGRO Tournament here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The other superfight is going to be Ricky Lundell (America's youngest BJJ Blackbelt) against one of the countries best lightweights Jeff Glover.

There is also going to be an Absolute tournament worth $2500 and Jeff Monson has registered and committed through his manager to be there.

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I imagine Glover will tap Ricky again, just like the last time they met. Ricky is good as hell though.

lets hope Wes Hand and Stephen Neal don't also turn up ;o)

Mir may be out . . . apparently he caught a kick to the head in training and suffered a lacerated eye . . . or something like that. His UFC fight against Brandon Vera may also be out. Jeff Monson may be the replacement for the superfight.