Frank Mir is a HEEL champ.. good!

another wwe thread had my thinking.... Frank Mir is like a prowrestling heel.  He doesn't do malicious things in the cage (exception: the Sims eye gouge), but he consistenly gets boo'd.  He's tried to endear the fans, but something about his personality turns people off.  I was showing this girl the last UFC & she had no clue who Frank Mir or Sylvia are, but after watching the promos she wanted Mir to lose because of his "additude & arrogance".    

Warrented or not, Mir is a heel champ-- and that is a GOOD thing.  People might not like him, but they watch his fights & anticpate them.  Lots of people watch to see him get beat, but the key is that they are watching.  An analogy would be Roddy Piper headlining cards in the 80's.  People paid money to watch him lose.

Zuffa, you should "put your finger in the dyke & pray" that Mir holds the title for at least 3 defenses.  Capitalize on his natural heel ability, get behind him promotionally, & grow the sport.  I am, as we all are,  looking forward to the new Champs future fights.

*additional: I like Mir, but I picked Sylvia to win.  I also pick Arlovski to win when he fights Mir. 

Mir submits people. I like to watch him fight. Every one of his fights has been extremely entertaining. If some scripted "pre-fight" interview turns you off, you need to take it for what it is - hype for simple minded people who need a little WWF trash talk to get excited about a fight.

"nice theory...the only problem--this isnt pro wrestling"

yeah, no shit.... but the parallels are still there.  Great comment.

"If some scripted "pre-fight" interview turns you off, you need to take it for what it is - hype for simple minded people who need a little WWF trash talk to get excited about a fight."

It doesn't turn me off, I know the deal.  But that, "pre-fight" stuff is the type of stuff that brings the casual fan in & grow the sport.  Mir is a personality that also will draw the casual fan & grow the sport.

Mir isn't a heel to me , anyway.

"Mir isn't a heel to me , anyway."

I base my whole "Mir is a heel" theory on how non-hardcore fans react to him.   

Boxing has used pro wrestling type elements to promote fights in the past. Pride is a pro wrestling organization that does shoots. It has worked to draw $$.

mir is nothing like that in real life.

He doesn't destroy whatever he gets his hands on?

You people disappoint me - 13 posts and no "Frank Mir is a HEEL HOOK champ?

Mir a heel? No way. Thisis the first time I have ever heard him described this way. He's a nice guy, clean cut and apologizes the to crowd if they seem unhappy with fight. A heel wouldn't give a crap. II would describe his not as arrogant, but confident. He sincerely believes in his skills (and is usualyy superior in jujitsu over his opponent).

The UFC needs to give Mir a segment like Piper's Pit. Maybe he can crack a coconut over Cabbage's head to further his heel status.


every casual fan I've shown fights to does not like him.  That said, everyone hittin this thread so far disagrees with my theory.   



Heel or not I have always liked Mir. So much better than saku or yoshida.

You know who seemed liked a sorry sport and a goof!? Tim Sylvia! I watched it with a "girl" too and she thought Tim was complaining and trying to make it seem like the ref shouldn't have stopped it, Please!

And then Tim stands there and says stupid things like
"It just kills me to see Mir with belt" or something to that effect! And I'm thinkning Homie you just got your arm broke!

I like Frank Mir and think he's going to be a great champion.

Gary Hughes

I thought Mir was pretty popular with the casual, non-online crowd. He's a local Vegas boy, and he gets a huge reaction from the crowd when he comes out.

That, and you can't forget the "GOT MIR?" girls!