Frank Mir made $85,000

Off sponsors for his fight with Brock Lesnar.

From Kevin Iole's article on Joe Lauzon.

"Heavyweight Frank Mir made $40,000 to show and $40,000 to win for his submission victory over Brock Lesnar at UFC 81 in Las Vegas. But Mir also made $85,000 in sponsorship deals, more than doubling his haul. Even with the $60,000 bonus Mir earned from the UFC for submission of the night, his sponsorship money still amounted to 38.9 percent of his income."

Damn, some good sponsors.

Good for Frank! Who were his sponsors?

I would like one of them

That's a good payday, even for the UG.

Imagine what some of these sponsors are going to be willing to pay to have their product on CBS.

watch the fight and look at his ass. Should answer the question