Frank Mir may be a douche....

but that was an amazing sub against a legend. I may not like Frank's attitude but I'll give him all the credit he deserves. Phone Post

Thank you. At least you have some sense. That was no "lucky" sub.

Yeah, I texted my friend when I read the fight and said we'll have to start giving him more credit. Unfortunately lol Phone Post

I honestly don’t think he’s a douche though. Some of the trash-talking he does is really part of the fight and it’s really no worse than some trash-talking that Tito used to do or THOUSANDS of MMA fighters out there.

It was a great sub and comeback. Phone Post

I think he just tries to sell fights don't think he is really a douche he pulled off an amazing sub on a master Jitz can't doubt franks skills Phone Post

Mir's ground game is no joke. His stand up is funny though. He thinks he is some sort of elite striker. Phone Post

I'll always buy a PPV when there's a good chance Frank Mir will get his ass kicked.

With that said, he looked amazing last night and I'm anxious to see who he fights next.