Frank Mir should should train with

Bas. I think if Frank spent a month or so with him he would be a strong contender for the belt.

I think he should train with a team that has good cardio. Im not just trolling either he seriously would be a big time threat if his cardio was solid. He schooled Simms and the only reason Simms was still in it til the knockout was becasue Mir was gassed.

That and he doesn't seem to strike very hard while on the ground.

Where did I say it only takes a month to become a good striker???

Mir looked much fatter this fight, I mean, the guy was on the cover for Muscle and Fitness before.

I'm sure he just tried to put extra weight on since Simms is huge...


cardio definitely hurtin. maybe some mountain training is in order. in any case, i'm in no position to criticize. lol


The Pacifist,

"I think if Frank spent a month or so with him..."

Ring a bell?

Yeah, he spends a month there. Learns the techniques, their training methods and will obviously see their work ethic. He can then take that back home and practice it with his team.

I am aware that simply one month of training would (NOT - edited b/c of following post!!! you knew what I meant!!!) make him a great striker.

"I am aware that simply one month of training would make him a great striker."

Are you sure you meant to type this?

lol...didn't kerr train with bas?

Mir has not interest in improving his cardio obviously. How long has it been shit?

chute box 1 year


I don't know where you get that Idea, but striking takes a hell of alot more than a month to get good at. I would say that you have at least one of two problems. Either you have nevr trained striking, or, you have never sparred or fought against a good striker with alot of experience so you just assume that striking is a walk in the park. YOU'RE WRONG!!!!!!

LVCC is a great school, I believe Frank is doing well where he is!