Frank Mir signs with BKFC


They got some decent money behind them so I’m excited to see who they can all sign. Nice addition for heavyweights, not the most talented boxer but he’s a name.



Could be fun.

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If he comes in in-shape it should be fun.


I don’t think this is gonna turn out well for frank unless they give him a real can. 

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Now we just need to see the Bare Knuckle version of...

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Mir Nog 3!!!!

There have been so many fighters over the years that I wished would have retired. Then they kept fighting, and a few years later I got over it. Then I started think that they should retire again, but they just get signed by a different organization. Then they have some more fights. 

By the time it’s all said and done, they are retiring maybe between 6-8 years after I originally thought they should have. Frank Mir is absolutely one of those fighters, and he’s about to surpass the higher number on that scale. 



I love that they are signing names

Can be a lot more entertaining than MMA sometimes

Bring in Herring for a bare knuckle rematch


How can they afford these guys? Mir should hang em up.

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If Bellator was serious about Brock they could have signed Frank then instant big Main Event before trying to get a Brock Fedor fight.

Does the BKFC allow TRT use for a juicy Frank.

livelaughlove -

Bring in Herring for a bare knuckle rematch

Bad stoppage if you ask me.... 

jesus, mir has been chinny as hell the last few fights in mma, i wish him luck in his pursuit of greatness

Good for BKFC, not so much for Mir.

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no frank please no

frank broke his teeth and palate against ayala(?) he doesn't give a shit about serious facial injuries. just as well I suppose. but he could still bash some people I reckon

It has to be the Wes Sims rematch 



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