Frank Mir vs. Brendan Schaub in early 2011

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                                Frank Mir vs. Brendan Schaub in early 2011

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According to sources speaking to, the bout between former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and “Ultimate Fighter” season 10 runner-up Brendan Schaub has at least reach verbal agreements, although no bout agreements have been issued at this point. Mir vs. Schaub would likely end up on one of the cards coming up in March, but an exact date has not been verified.

The match-up between Schaub and Mir locks up the fact that the former heavyweight champion will not be facing Brock Lesnar in a trilogy fight. UFC president Dana White had talked about the match-up but then backed off when fans on his Twitter page seemed very lukewarm about the idea of a third fight between the two heavyweights.

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Whoever hits the other guy in the face hard first wins.

Mir has never shown great ability to maintain his wits when rocked however, so I say Schaub if he hurts him early.

Edit: Double post, my bad.

 good fight

KO from CO.

Mir will always be a threat early, but unless he can bully you he wilts

I'm glad this fight is happening. Mostly because it means we wont have to suffer through a 3rd Mir/Lesnar fight.

Awesome, I think thats a good fight. Now for Brock its either Struve, Nelson or Cro Cop. Maybe Kongo I guess.

If Mir loses to schaub he should retire IMO Phone Post

Im not a Mir fan, but hes gonna put it on shcaub.

tko of sub in the 1st

DamnSevern -  good fight

Schaub has this no problem....No one's ever really seen Brendan's ground's solid.