Frank Mir

I know Mir gets a lot of hate but he has always been one of my favorite fighters. Not because he was always the best, but because he always comes to fight. He has only ever had 1-2 boring fights and is always looking for the finish. As cards have gotten watered down from time to time I have bought less and less pay-per-views Frank Mir is one of maybe three fighters I will always buy a card to watch.

Last night my fandom truly paid off as I took Mir as the underdog and made a little walking around money.

Hats off to Mir for continuing an already impressive career. And an special thanks for the win. Phone Post 3.0

Man what a great win for Mir.
That is now one of my fav fights to watch,
Two big boys with bad intentions swinging
For the fences!!

Frank looked great, can't wait for his next match up. You betcha! Phone Post 3.0

Always been a big fan of Frank Mir's.

Back in the day, I always wanted to see Mir vs. Fedor, and how that fight would pan out, out of curiosity and my admiration for both fighters.

But, I have always been a Frank Mir fan... even when he fought CroCop on my birthday and the fight was lackluster- I was still happy to see Mir win with the knee KO that night. The fight may have been forgettable, but the finish was a solid birthday present.

Besides that, Frank Mir has been involved in some of the most entertaining moments in UFC HW history, in my opinion. I will never forget watching live when Mir snapped Big Timmy's forearm. That was insane.

Then, there was the Brock/Mir rivalry. Both fights were highly entertaining, IMO.

WAR Mir! Phone Post 3.0

Would love to see Mir v. Arlovski Phone Post 3.0

Yea! Frank mir used to train at a gym next to my work and I freaked out! It was right before he beat Brock. I was not at work the day they found out! Everyone I work with met him got pics and autographs! I never got to see him he left the gym it was striking unlimited at the time. I still feel like I met him too and get very emotional like when he fights! Phone Post 3.0