Frank & Renzo Rematch

Frank Shamrock & Renzo Gracie Talk Rematch

Someone please embed this

Renzo will tool him again... & again... &...

At this point I'd rather see a Frank/Tito rematch.


"Renzo will tool him again"

Renzo was losing and dick tucked. Frank Shamrock would heel hook him into a living death he doesnt even need to use his lazer eye biatch!

On ALL the judges scorecards yes thats correct.

For someone with 22500+ posts (34 a day for 22 months), you have no clue about what you were watching... lol... W...

Learn to read dipshit the judges scorecards not RDUK's. Go and get back on Renzo's nuts it may help balance him out and get rid of that limp Frank gave him.

Someone who posts as much as you can surely come up with something more insulting than "dipshit." Must be really dark in mommy's basement... The only thing you probably ever read is the UG...

RedDragon has a clue, but his man love for Frank knows no bounds..

I dont get into pathetic slanging matches its not my thing. My post count has nothing to do with anything and I post on the other subforums and ttt interesting threads,I doubt i've ever done any of yours.

I'm English we dont have basements. Stick to the thread at hand rather than school boy shit talking. Frank beats Renzo all day long in my opinion for which I am entitled to just as you are.

"The only thing you probably ever read is the UG..."

Well consider me owned rolls eyes grow up dude

I should growup? You always answer questions or comments with "dipshit?" My best friend is from England so you can't be all that bad... Try to get some fresh air once in a while... The computer screen is bad for the eyes... Cheers...

Not always only when its called for. Its dark outside so no sun thanks though when I get a basement I may do that.  Does your English friend post here>?

Renzo, er, losing...

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No he doesn't, he's still hooked on Soccer (Football)...

note the knee thats about to hit tough streetfighter Renzo's head resulting in a cough and limp and failure to carry on fighting at which point Frank is way ahead on all judges scorecards.

Why are people still arguing over this fight??

2 Indisputable facts:
-Frank won the only scored round
-he was legitimately DQd for illegal knees.

I dont even want to aee a rematch since the first fight was pretty boring

the video is about them fighting not you guys

Here we go again...

someone please post the video