Frank Shammy on Yakuza

On Ferrall today said the reason he had such a hard fight with Elvis Sinosic was because he had a injured shoulder but wasnt able to pull out because he had made a deal with the Yakuza to fight in the K-1 event and it was known that he could lose a finger or two if he pulled out at the last minute.

hazard a guess it was a joke

Frank Shamrock is a joke.

He was being serious, whether it is true or not who knows.

HHHhhhmmmm we could believe frank.... or....

Sorry - why did he choose caesar gracie with a 0-0 mma record again? Perhaps he wanted to show the world he was the "greatest" again but found against people with actual mma experience it's difficult these days...

I think he's either

a) Going for one last paycheck with this Baroni thing and will try to find a controversial way to taint Baroni's win.

b) Pull out at the last minute, have some excuse, start an internet war with someone with far less experience and then fight them. After getting beaten by Renzo he'll probably decide to pick on a purple belt or something.

what show is Ferrall?

Fortunately they didn't take his finger, just his humility.

will the lies ever stop with this guy? i think he hasnt said one honest thing in close to ten years now.

what a load of detarame

ghimblaut - the reality is I doubt he would've made more.

Frank was a big fish in a RAPIDLY expanding pond. He retired before fighting the real challenges at the time (Bas Rutten who had beaten him already, vitor Belfort who was the second coming at that time etc etc.) and just milked his fame and the american publics fascination with a sculpted body.

He's actually convinced a large portion of the public that he's legendary material even though in the last eight years he's fought four times. 3 of those times were against guys who either had a losing record - or no record at all!! - the one time he fought a decent opponent he resorted to cheating.

What this means is that he knew very well the fight game was no longer for him so he milks the come-back cow over and over again getting big paydays for fighting nobodies.

If he fought like he loved the sport - he would've been exposed a long time ago and would'nt have been able to ask for anywhere near the money he's asking for now.

After he gets mauled by Baroni expect to hear dozens of excuses, claims that he's still legendary, and another retirement announcement. Expect to hear something like "I've already made my mark... I have nothing left to prove..." etc.

"Frank Shamrock to me is like Tito Ortiz, cant forget what he has accomplished but they still need to improve to stay on top."

Except a major difference being that Tito was very green in their first fight - losing after gassing - and then actually built from that experience (his cardio is impressive now) and he's actually FOUGHT since then.

Frank in reality has already been EXPOSED.

Anyone who claims to be the greatest - then consciously avoids ALL REAL OPPOSITION and fights nothing but easy fights - is an obvious liar.

You're aware that there are about twenty people who would like to fight Frank, that everyone would like to see Frank fight - but miraculously Frank - the self proclaimed "greatest" - decided to fight Elvis, Pardoe, Caesar (0-0!) Gracie - and then loses to Renzo.

Are you unaware of how totally pathetic that is?

is it archived anywhere?

Why the hell do people still put word in Frank's mouth?? He never says he is the greatest. He has been asked numerous times in the past few weeks where he stands in the MW rankings and he always says he has no idea since he hasnt fought enough to prove himself. He also says that Dan Henderson is clearly #1 in the world. Contrast this to Baroni who called the entire UFC MW division full of "bums and reality TV rejects" and just claimed to be the "#1 MW in the world" and Im amazed that Shamrock gets the ridiculous hate that he does.

BTW, anyone denying that Shamrock is a legend is a moron and most likely wasnt following MMA at his peak. He was the prototype of today's MMA fighter--athletic and well-rounded.

T Bag just T Bagged the correct

"BTW, anyone denying that Shamrock is a legend is a moron and most likely wasnt following MMA at his peak. He was the prototype of today's MMA fighter--athletic and well-rounded."

I've been following the sport since the early nineties and Frank WAS one of my favorite fighters. But my opinion changed when he "retired" stating that there was "no one left for him to fight".

EVERYONE at that time (and if you followed the sport that long you would've said the same thing) said "WTF"?

He WASN'T the prototype for the modern mma fighter. He illustrated the importance of cardio. He was decent standing and pretty good on the ground but after beating a green tito there was NO justification in saying "no one left for me to fight".

He knew as well as anyone else that there WERE MANY people for him to fight. But those people were a THREAT to him.

Why should Frank be considered a legend? Because he armbarred "Please armbar me" wrestlers? Was it his being schooled by Jeremy Horn or Tito Ortiz until he gassed victories? I suppose it was because he KO'd Igor Zinoviev?


If he had taken the tests that were available AT THE TIME and prevailed, he could claim legend status.

As it stood - he ran once the competition was getting better. He's been running for the last ten years.

Actually T Bag, Frank did say on a recent IFL show repeatedly that he's the best fighter in the world. My guess is he was playing up the cocky angle cause he was in front of a camera.

As for saying the Yakuza was going to cut off a finger if he pulled out, if he even said that, I'm guessing was a joke.

...poor Frank... and I hear some honorable Italian businessmen have made him an offer he couldn't refuse to lose against Felipe Baroni...

I heard Steven Segal was the middle-man broker for the K-1 deal, and they had Butterbean dressed up as oddjob driving the car.

Frank's win over Tito seemed in part due to the illegal hammerfists to the back of the head, which may have been the cause of Tito's vomiting after the fight. Didn't Renzo report a similar nausea?

little known fact..

after Tito lost to Frank.. he went to go train with Frank..