Frank Shammy volunteered for Kimbo fight....

According to Yahoo news, Frank Shamrock volunteered to step in for Ken on no notice to fight Kimbo.

Apparently, his broken arm hasn't been cleared yet and the commission wouldn't allow it.

Still, that's awesome. We would have seen Kimbo get KO'ed by a 185er instead of a 205er.


Trust me, Frank didnt offer until he KNEW they couldnt accept.

PR - Trust me, Frank didnt offer until he KNEW they couldnt accept.

We're not talking about Frank shit talking Anderson Silva.
Kimbo is an opponent Frank loves - big, popular, unskilled.

 He knew he wasn't licensed in FL so there was no fear of them taking him up on it.

Makes me wonder about folks fighting in braces, though. I guess they can???


  close up pic of frank's braces. 

I'm glad Frank got braces, his teeth were fucked up. Speaking of fucked up teeth, I never realized how fucked up Jake Shields' teeth are until tonight.

VectorWegaLives -  Commission wouldn't have cleared it due to weight differential unless Frank has been eating lots of ho hos.

Why not? A guy that's 206 could fight a guy that's 265 in HW Division.

I'm sure Frank's record and experience would be more reason to say no than weight advantage.

I am betting Frank doesnt walk around at 185.