Frank Shamrock beats Silva ADL

Frank Stallone has zero chance of beating Silva.

But he has nicer hair, if that means anything.


^^Frankie is on the money^^

RedDragonUK is hilarious! LOL @ "Enjoy life on the streets my friend"!

" Wake the fuck up. Renzo took him down at will and he cheated to end the fight."

Frank was ahead on all score cards in the fight against Renzo before the devastating dim mak knees that were "illegal".

"Frank is a has been. He hasn't done shit since beating Tito 8 years ago. You people are fucking clueless."

Frank has beaten Ceasar Gracie using anti ju jitsu didnt you read my post? He also trained with BJ Penn just before he beat Matt Hughes thus giving him the edge to defeat Miletich fighting systems.

 BJ didnt train with Frank for the rematch and look what happened.

He has also produced many thought provoking and witty videos to entice Phil Baroni into a fight so that the money can help Phil buy a new car,Frank's a generous guy like that.


we'll see how he does against baroni first before we even talk about anderson silva.

i even pick baroni to win against frank. baroni has fought better competition than frank has. besides as stated before, he was taken down at will by renzo and took the back door out of that fight. i mean, if he is still the same guy, then why didn't he scramble out of there to get back onto his feet.

frank is very talented but the lack of fighting and fighting good oponents have really hurt his status as one of the best overall skilled fighters. sad, though.

baroni by ko.

Baroni wont take Frank down so I dont see your point doubleleg11. Frank will take Baroni down and submit him so badly he will proclaim Frank to be the "greatest eva!"

Baroni has fought:

  • Matt Lindland 2003
  • Evan Tanner 2x (2003/2004)
  • Pete Sell 2005
  • Minowa 2005
  • Ryo Chonan 2005
  • Yuki Kondo 2006
  • K Misaki 2006
  • Nishijima 2006

Since leaving the UFC, Frank has fought:

  • Bryan Pardoe (2003)
  • Cesar Gracie (first MMA fight) 2006
  • Renzo Gracie (lost by DQ, even though I thought Frank was going to destroy him?)2007

like i said, we'll see what happens first.

Baroni's fights:

Lindland= Loss

Tanner = Losses

Sell= Loss

Last Minowa fight=loss

Misaki =loss

Not really convincing me much

Anderson will kick his ass!

"Anderson will kick his ass...............................................................NOT!"



Is there any decent middleweight, who has never been affiliated with the TUF program, that COULDN'T beat Anderson Silva?

why didn't frank beat renzo? he should have, sheez i picked him over renzo. but it didn't happen. how come? he looked in phenomenal shape.

all i'm saying is baroni fought better guys than frank has. baroni hasn't beaten all of them but competing against good competition has its advantages.

Neither of these guys has been on TUF, therefore they do not exist.

The Sperry fight was stopped on a cut. Sperry wasn't submitted.

In the first clip it looked like Bas was being nice by not hitting him when his tongue was out.

Frank had trouble with Renzo only because he committed the same mistake he made with Jeremy Horn--he underestimated him by starting to train only 2 weeks before the Horn fight. He thought Renzo would just be another Cesar. For the Baloni fight, you'll all see well-prepared SuperFrank again. The ensuing humiliation shall be of humongous proportions. Phil'll be wearing a suit. A living death.

RDUK speaks THE TRUTH. Listen to him, noobs.

"why didn't frank beat renzo?"

He did on the judges scorecard he just wasnt told that he couldnt knee on the ground. So was DQ'd on a technicality never mind the limp and cough he gave Renzo the tough streetfighter from Brazil

Keswick is wise and Axl is correct Sperry tapped like there was music playing.