Frank Shamrock beats Silva ADL

I'm sold!! lol

no contest by double disqualification

i bet frank made better grades in school too!
i bet he's better in bed!
frank shamrock is white too!
frank shamrock is chuck norris's dad!

frank shamrock is chuck norris's dad!

Maybe his long lost brother

brilliant posting! A+

When your highlight involves you getting smacked like a little bitch and not being able to do anything about it other than make faces that tells you something.

Frank needs to stick to picking fights with guys that have no MMA fights. Even a one dimensional old man made him look like crap.

This thread is awesome.

SOLDAT how many fights did Tito have,how many fights did Igor Zinoviev have,how many fights did Renzo Gracie have on the streets at least 250.

I think the point we are forgetting is Frank is still UFC middleweight champion he was kicked out undefeated. Some say he jumped I think he was pushed.

No one could beat him so they made him leave,its time he was brought back to proove he is still the best.